Haru wo Daiteita begins with...

Despite being in the adult entertainment industry for some time, Iwaki Kyousuke felt insecure due to his age. He believed one's longevity in this middle, meant being young and attractive. Katou Youji was no different. With his arrogant attitude, charming aura and handsome looks, his popularity steadily climbed. Iwaki found him to be conflicting and challenging, he soon marked Katou as a rival. Will he be able to remain in the adult entertainment industry or will something more glamorous cross his path such as love?

About Iwaki Kyousuke (岩城京介)

Birthday: January 27, 1970
Birthplace: Niigata Prefecture, Japan
Blood type: A
Height: 182cm
Weight: 68kg
Hair and eye color: Black
Family: Spouse (Katou Youji), Father, Older brother (Masahiko), Sister-in-law (Fuyumi)
Marital status: Married, wedding ceremony held in Los Angeles, CA (more of a symbolic one since same-sex marriages were not legal at that time in the United States)
Occupation: A well-established AV or adult film star, and then become a mainstream actor in TV and movies.
Hobbies: Reading and skiing (volume 8 in manga)
Personality: Serious, calm, reserved, hard-working and self-confidence
Seiyuu (OVA and Drama CDs): Morikawa Toshiyuki (森川智之)
Character songs:
  1. Private Truth (Opening theme to Haru wo Daiteita OVA)
  2. Yusura Ume (Track 4 on the Haru wo Daiteita: Special Premiere drama CD)
  3. Arrival (Duet with Katou - Track 8 on the Haru wo Daiteita: Special Premiere drama CD)
  4. Dialogue Duet with Katou - Ending theme for Gigolo - Haru wo Daiteita video game

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